Boys Will Be Boys – Too Cute!

This is a cute video featuring Yorkshire Terrier pups. While the boys are playing, their only sister Lo is doing her border patrol. She just looks so cute as she marches around the house to make sure that the surroundings are safe. She even encouraged her brothers to help their mom get rid of the noisy ducks that invaded their lawn. Such cuties! These Yorkies prove that you don’t have to be big to be tough.

Yorkies are one of the most glamorous looking dog breeds on the planet and they are sure to attract attention wherever they go. They are known to be lively, mentally quick and spend most of their time walking around the house checking things out (like Lo).

They get along with other dogs and cats in a household as long as they were raised together. However, if a new pet is brought into the house, they tend to be aggressive towards the new pet and become highly possessive of their owners.

If you are planning to get a Yorkie, you must be ready to groom them always because their long, luscious coat needs a lot of maintenance. They need constant brushing (at least twice a week) and regular baths to keep their silky hair in top condition.

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