Boomer: The Golden Retriever Puppy

This video features Boomer, a handsome and playful Golden Retriever puppy during his first few days with his new family. He seems to be loving everything about his new home and you can clearly see from his face that he is a very happy little pup!

Boomer is a Golden Retriever and his breed is known for being cheerful, kind, and gentle. They are also very playful and affectionate. Goldens are a lot of fun! They would love to play almost anything with you and love to go places to discover new things.

Golden Retrievers crave physical activity and if they don’t get enough, they store up so much unused energy and their minds become so bored that they simply have to find a release. They become destructive; chewing, digging, running around your home and garden like little cyclones. So if you are planning to own a Golden, you have to commit in walking and playing with it for a couple of hours each day. Check out this Golden Retriever training page.

Golden Retrievers are very prone to obesity because they will eat whatever’s put in front of them. Just like with people, excess weight leads to a variety of problems such as heart disease, increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and damage to their hip and elbow joints. Keeping your Golden at a healthy weight is the responsibility of any caring owner.

If you are planning to engage in a healthier lifestyle but can’t really find the motivation, owning a Golden will push you to go for a walk. Say goodbye to your excuses to skip exercise!

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