VIDEO: Dog Tries To Get Statue To Throw Stick

Say hello to Robbie, a Border Collie crossed with an Australian Kelpie (this is what his owner assumes he is, from what his parents saw at the Countryfile program). In this video by jamiegoodwin87, Robbie goes sort-of-loco when an inert and apathetic “stranger” sitting on a bench adamantly refuses to throw a stick for him. The “stranger” actually is just a bronze statue.

Perhaps, in Robbie’s eyes, this guy is some bored old man in the park, waiting to be entertained by his dog-ish antics. However, Mr. Bronze Statue appears to love just staying how he is right now – unmoving. He clearly doesn’t like the idea of moving one bit just to throw a stick for Robbie. Robbie nonetheless continues to offer the stick to Mr. Bronze Statue, to no avail. It’s charming and perhaps an accolade to the sculptor that “art so conceals its own artistry” (gold star for anyone who recognizes that quote!)

Poor Robbie. Ahh, if he only knew! Or, on a second thought, if only Mr. Bronze Statue would come into life for a couple of minutes for Robbie’s sake and throw the stick! Maybe that’s what happens when the humans aren’t looking… 😉

Border collies are medium-sized dogs highly prized as industrious herding dogs of livestock, especially sheep. They usually come in black and white coloration, but other color combination exists as well, such as chocolate and white or sable and white. Border collies are often tagged as the most intelligent breed in the dog kingdom. As proof, this breed always finds itself joining competitive events and sports due to its impressive degree of athleticism, agility, and instinct, often bringing home the winning trophy. Because they are like dogs on a constant dose of stamina pills, border collies demand more than a walk around a block and appreciate plenty of opportunities for play or work that can take advantage of their extremely energetic trait.

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