Bulldog Puppies Chasing Mom

This video shows a Bulldog mommy being chased around by her puppies. Prepare to be amazed by the number of the puppies; there are at least 10! And all of them are so cute and adorable.

The mama dog doesn’t seem to like nursing the little ones as she goes from one place to another just to escape from them. The puppies were unfazed and continued to go after her and chase her wherever she went. This video has been viewed over two million times and while it may not be that hilarious it still gives the viewers a glimpse on the behavior of Bulldogs.

Bulldogs have certain behavioral quirks specific to their breed. Just like in the video, bulldog puppies are frisky, but adults are quiet, phlegmatic and just loves sleeping. Sometimes, they can sleep the whole day! You can go off to work and when you return home, expect that your pal will be waiting for you snuggled on the couch. Bulldogs aren’t athletes and are predisposed toward lounging around. If you want a dog to keep you company in your active lifestyle, consider a different breed.

Most Bulldogs are extremely stubborn. You must show them that you mean what you say. Though they seldom bark, English Bulldogs are far from silent. Because of the short muzzle, they snort, wheeze, grunt, and snore loudly. The sounds are endearing to some people but others find them nerve-wracking. They slobber and drool a lot especially after eating or drinking so if you plan to own one, make sure you have cleanup rags stocked.

Bulldog Puppies Chasing Momimage © http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6WQm5gEqXM

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