Cute Pomeranian Puppy

This adorable video features Chubbi, a four-month old female Pomeranian puppy. She just looks so adorable and it seems that Chubbi is used to have a camera around her. When the owner shows her some dog treats, Chubbi becomes very excited and jumps up and down. The puppy has also mastered doing the high-five. She is very clever I must say.

Chubbi was born to be a star as the video has already garnered over a million views on YouTube. She is a Pomeranian puppy and this breed descended from the sled dogs of Iceland and Lapland. On average, they have a life span of 15 years.

Pomeranians are used for rescue missions and operations where small dogs are needed. Their ancestors were used as reindeer herders and as sled pulling dogs. These days, pom-poms are loved not only as pets but also as therapy dogs for the sick and elderly.

Pomeranians are very well known for their small size. This makes them very easy to take with you on outings or when traveling. But don”t let their size fool you, they are highly intelligent and extroverted despite being so little. They crave lots of attention and love from their owner and cuddling is their favourite pastime. Pompoms are born to be pampered and enjoy dressing up and being groomed.

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