Can Owning A Dog Help Prevent Child Asthma?

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Any dog owner with first-hand experience can certainly provide you with a long list of dog-keeping benefits when asked. Having a dog around the household offers a wide range of well-known benefits, from relieving stress after a day of hard work or strains from everyday life, to an improved fitness level due to dog walking, to a deep sense of emotional well-being because of the love and fellowship we get from dogs. And even the barking that will make a thief think twice.

What’s surprising however is the fact that the health advantages associated with keeping pets have been supported by scientific studies.

Dogs are good for your health! It’s official. And you can indulge in playing with them as often as you can afford without prescription too! According to recent research, petting a dog is therapeutic. It works wonders on our heart, both literally and figuratively. Petting a dog actually lowers our blood pressure and consequently lowers our risk of having cardiovascular disease. It appears, fascinatingly, that dog owners often recuperate more rapidly from sickness and have better fitness level than those without a dog as a companion. Furthermore, because of their incredible loyalty and affection, dogs can “heal a heart” on the emotional level… remediating suffering from personal trauma or loneliness and raising spirits when the going gets tough.

If you think owning a dog would likely result in or worsen allergies and asthma among the children in your home, you are probably one of those who still haven’t heard the news yet: Keeping a dog and letting it spend time around your children may help prevent the development of asthma or allergies! This works because our furry four-legged pals actually expose us to dirt and allergens and help boost our immune system against them. Remarkable and way wicked, don’t you think?

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