Corgi Pups Learn To Climb – Too Cute!

This video features three-week old Corgis learning how to walk for the first time. Walking is a hard task for the Corgi pups because they have to balance their body on such short legs – but these guys never gave up! Eventually, they were able to run around and play; except for Charlie, the littlest pup, who was feeling sleepy and wasn’t up for the challenge.

A puppy named Otis was the most adventurous one and he even inspired his siblings to join him in climbing the coffee table. But when he saw Charlie all alone on their blanket, he quit playing to be at his brother’s side. They are so adorable!

This breed is known to be bold, affectionate, intelligent and loyal. Corgis were originally bred to herd, so they are naturally active and have a lot of stamina. That is why regular exercise is needed to burn off all their stored energy. It is advised to walk them daily or engage them in outdoor activities. These dogs don’t require special grooming; they shouldn’t be bathed more often than every three weeks but they should be brushed at least once a week to remove loose hair.

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