Covered In Tar & Unable To Move… This Amazing Rescue Saved This Dog’s Life

A poor unlucky dog fell into a pool of hot tar that smothered his body, making him rock-solid when it cooled. He was stuck to the ground, unable to move. The dog was close to death when a passer-by spotted him and called Animal Aid Unlimited for help, in the Indian city of Udaipur.

Volunteers wasted no time to rescue the dog. Four volunteers massaged the dog with vegetable oil to soften and remove the tar. Gradually, the tar began coming off. After about two hours of rubbing, the dog was nearly 90% clean and the rescuers were able to bathe him.

More oiling and bathing sessions were done over the next few days to take off the remaining tar and by day five, he was finally tar-free.

By the end of the clip the dog is playing and eating treats after being saved. His transformation is truly amazing!

Covered In Tar & Unable To Move, This Amazing Rescue Saved This Dog's Lifeimage ©

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