Does My Dog Know What I’m Thinking

Humans and dogs have a unique and incredible relationship; a bond developed through an evolutionary process going back nearly ten thousand years. Most dog owners (including me) have often wondered what really goes through in our dogs’ heads. Do they understand what we’re saying? Do they know we’re upset with them? The answer seems obvious. This short video by It’s Okay Smart offers an in depth yet simple explanation of how dogs separate our words’ emotion from their meaning and other related topics.

The most interesting information from the video for me is that dogs are the only non-primate animal which seeks out eye contact with humans. Their cousins – the wolves, will not look people in the eyes (which is perhaps why we generally trust them less). Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, an animal behaviorist believes that dogs look into our eyes because of our ability to give them food – and to look for cues about our emotional state. It makes them extremely attentive to everything we do and they are able to read human body language better than any animal. They have lived with us for thousands of years and as a result, they were able to develop the skills needed to be our ‘best friends’.

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