Cute Dog Meets Little Puppy Sister For The First Time… Love At First Sight!

This video features Louie the Beagle meeting his puppy sister, Marie for the first time. They instantly became best of friends! It was truly love at first sight. Watch them have their first play time together and they will surely melt your heart.

It is hard to resist a Beagle’s appeal because of their big, brown eyes and soft, pleading expression. The breed’s origin is uncertain but there are Greek documents from 400 B.C. which describe Beagle-like dogs. The ancestors of modern-day Beagles were developed in England but were much smaller. They were only 8 to 9 inches high and were small enough to carry in a pocket or with one hand! Over time, they were bred with larger hounds so they could assist in hunting. Now, the miniature Beagles are extinct – sadly!

Beagles are known to be sweet and gentle but their most notable trait is their outstanding scenting ability. There are even Beagles that work for security forces to sniff out restricted or dangerous items in luggage in airports. They have been able to detect and assist with the seizure of tens of thousands of contraband agricultural products each year!

Cute Dog Meets Little Puppy Sister For The First Time!!! Love At First Sight!image ©

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