Dog Steals Cabbage

The lovable dog featured in this video is a Lemon Beagle named Maymo. The video starts with the dog having a difficult time reaching for a cabbage placed in the middle of a kitchen table. At first, he tried to jump in order to go up the table but failed. After a while, he was able to reach it by licking the veggie and taking a small portion which he proceeds to eat with gusto.

This beagle surely loves cabbage! Not satisfied with the teeny weeny portion, the dog tried to reach again for the cabbage and this time he was able to get hold of it. Maymo then slowly dragged the cabbage nearer to him until he was able to grab it using his mouth.

The video ended with the Beagle shown sitting in a couch with a piece of cabbage on his head looking like a goof! It was fun and entertaining and the viewers clearly loved the dog’s antics as the video has over 4 million views on YouTube.

Maymo the Lemon Beagle is the star of the video. Let’s learn more about this adorable dog breed:

1. The Beagle dog is one of the most popular pets because they are sweet, gentle, outgoing and curious.

2. Beagles are watchful and protective of children. They are also very loyal and have a great amount of energy, a common quality among hound dogs.

3. They get along well with fellow dogs but great caution should be taken if you have smaller pets like hamsters, cats and bunnies.

4. Beagles are susceptible to separation anxiety especially when always left at home alone because of their characteristic of being pack dogs.

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