Dog Breeds 101: Black Mouth Cur

Photo – Wikipedia – lic. under CC 3.0

The Black Mouth Cur is known to be a fearless and relentless working and hunting dog. Although it is bred to be tough, the Black Mouth is actually very sensitive and gentle around people. These dogs are said to be very protective of their human family and are affectionate to people they know.

The term Cur refers to an entire group of breed or mixed breed and their exact origin is still unknown because breeding records were not kept back then. All that is known is that the modern Black Mouth Cur was developed in the southern United States as farm dogs and were widespread in the region since the 19th century. Just like Terriers and Hounds, the Curs exhibit immense variety among them but they are generally medium to large dogs which are athletic, energetic and have strong hunting and herding instincts. [1]

This intelligent dog is always eager to please its owners. But due to its intelligence, training it can be a challenge. It is important for the owner to be firm and consistent so the dog will know that the owner is the boss. Training should start as early as possible and continued throughout the dog’s life to solidify its obedience. Black Mouth Curs can be trained for hunting, herding, coursing and also search and rescue. They love having a job where they can showcase their skills. [2]

The Black Mouth Cur might feel confined in an apartment so its ideal home should be somewhere where there is plenty of room to stretch its legs. Born and bred in the outdoors, the Black Mouth Cur needs lots of exercise and should be allowed to roam and explore as long as it is in a protected area. The average life span of the breed is 15 years and have no major health problems. Grooming them is fairly easy – just brush the coat occasionally, regularly check the ears and keep the nails trimmed. [3]

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