Dog (Half Coyote-Retriever) Adopts 10 Baby Chicks

This is a video of an adorable dog who is just smitten with ten chicks the moment she laid eyes on them. The dog’s name is Bailey and she just loves her new ‘babies’! The hen was nowhere to be found and Bailey’s owner thinks that a coyote chased her off. Her little ones were then left to fend for themselves but luckily, Bailey is willing to act as a mother for them. Now, the orphaned chicks found a home with wonderful people who are willing to take the time and give them the care needed to raise them.

The uploader stated that Bailey is a Coyote and Golden Retriever mix breed. These dogs are generally referred to as ‘Coydogs’; hybrids resulting from the mating between coyotes and dogs.

Some claim that the Coydog is only an urban legend, while others beg to differ. It is a genetic fact that dogs, coyotes and wolves can mate, subsequently producing fertile offspring, however the argument is, mating cycles of the species differ. Also, wild coyotes are not that likely to become friendly with a domestic dog; they hunt in packs and are more likely to eat the dog! However, hybridization occurs when coyotes are expanding into areas where conspecifics (members of the same species) are few, and dogs are the only alternatives.

It is also said that Coydogs are not good pets but Bailey seems to be a very sweet pooch. I guess when it comes to dogs, we should judge them as individuals not just as a breed. Love the dog on its own terms, and your love will surely be rewarded.

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