Dog Plays Dead To Avoid Taking A Bath

This is a very funny video of a Chow Chow playing dead / pretending to be asleep to avoid bath time. His owner was forced to drag him towards the bathroom but the adorable dog still does his best to play dead. Every time he gets the chance to break free from his owner’s grasp he runs and tries to escape, however, there is nowhere he can hide that his owner won’t find him. After two attempts to escape, he realized that he cannot win the fight, thus his owner was able to bring him to the bathroom (FINALLY!) where he had no choice but to cooperate and be bathed.

The struggle is real! But the Chow chow looks super adorable still even though he was being stubborn.

The Chow chow is the only dog breed to have a purplish tongue and lips. They are popularly known as the “Fluffy Lion-dog” and originated from Northern China some 4,000 years ago. This breed was once named the Tang Quan or “Dog of the Tang Empire” because it was one of the native dogs that were used as the model for the traditional stone guardians called the Chinese guardian dogs, which are commonly found in front of Buddhist palaces and temples.

It comes with no surprise that the Chow Chow’s fluffy coat requires some intense upkeep. Regular bathing is a must, as well as weekly brushing to keep the chow chow’s significant shedding at bay.

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