Dog Training Tutorial – Housetraining

One of the most vital skills to be taught to a dog is house training. This may take a few weeks and a lot of mistakes may happen in the course of the training. The first thing that a dog trainer should do is to understand the way an animal thinks and learns.

Prevention and management is the first step to start house training. The best way to prevent your dog from having accidents around the house is to provide constant supervision from the owner or trainer. It is always best that you are one step ahead of the dog and have him on the leash. The leash works in a way that it prevents accidents when you’re not looking at him.

Be aware of how long it was since your dog last “went”. The goal is to anticipate the bathroom breaks as needed. You may need to set time intervals and also be sure to get up early because first thing in the morning is the most common time to discover that the dog wasn’t able to hold it any longer! Along the process, you’ll find the timing that best works for your dog.

Read the dog’s body language. Most dogs have body language that indicates they are going to need to go out. One telling body language is “circling sniffs”.

Develop a routine in order to accomplish house training. It’s important to bring the dog to the same spot at the same time for bathroom breaks, then they learn to associate that location with the activity. You can give him a reward to show how happy you are for accomplishing it.

The dog trainer suggests not to punish the dog if he makes a mistake or unable to do the house training. Furthermore, he suggests that you can accelerate the learning of your dog and create a tighter bond with you if you teach other stuff while mastering this specific skill.

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