How To Train Your Puppy To Do 8 Things In 7 Days

This video by Zak George’s Dog Training revolution serves both as a great introduction and recap for puppy owners. Puppies naturally need much attention in order to achieve progress effectively.

If you’re a new puppy owner, you will undoubtedly want your dog to learn the “basic” obedience commands. These commands will serve as foundations for more complicated commands in the future. Always keep in mind that you need additional patience for your puppy. This developmental stage would be critical for your puppy and it would be best to establish better discipline during this period. The great takeaway from this video is what Zak is trying to highlight, which is controlling the puppy’s environment for the first six to 12 months. This would be one of the most critical aspects of your dog obedience training process.

In the video, Zak, the trainer, showcases different situations regarding puppy behavior. He uses a Shuba Inu to demonstrate an effective dog training process. Zak utilizes the “setting up for success” method wherein the puppy gets a reward during the early stages of training for every command followed properly. He starts by addressing the issue of puppy biting. In the video, you can see the puppy tends to be very excited and thus leads to biting. The trainer then tries to ward off the puppy’s attention towards a toy then start his training by giving a treat every time the puppy stops biting. Note well that the puppy should not feel as though it is being rewarded by biting – and that’s why you must have proper timing when giving the treat. The trainer then moves on to lead the puppy inside a play pen by also using a treat.

The puppy in the video has been trained already with some obedience commands. The Shuba Inu already knows the sit, lie down, up, and the leave it alone and look at me commands. Zak then assists in recapping these commands and also adding very important obedience commands which are the ‘come when called’ and ‘stay’ commands. When you call your dog, your voice will serve as an integral part of your training success. Aside from the treat, the dog gets motivated because it does things voluntarily. For the stay command, the trainer showcases how to gradually train your dog by rewarding it as it progresses and takes a longer duration of staying in position.

Always seek to keep training fun and enjoyable for your puppy. Another important thing to take note of is to socialize your puppy as much as you can. Try to get it acquainted with as many people and other dogs as you can. This will encourage more positive scenarios in the future.

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