Yoga Time With A Cute Chihuahua

The above video shows a very cute Chihuahua named Pancho doing yoga poses together with his owner. He seems to be really enjoying the session and he was able to execute every move perfectly!

Amazed at what Panchino can do? Let’s get to know the Chihuahua breed more. Here are some interesting facts about them:

1. The name Chihuahua is derived from the state of Chihuahua located in Mexico.

2. These dogs have the tendency to become very loyal to a certain person to an extent where they become overly protective.

3. Chihuahuas are not very friendly towards other dog breeds. They have a strong “clannish” behavior and they prefer to be around other Chihuahuas only.

4. This breed requires more attention in terms of dental care because their jaw size – which is very small – makes it hard for them to grow strong teeth.

5. They are very susceptible to cold, so if you own one, do not be shocked if you see him or her shivering often. It is best if you buy your Chihuahua a sweater because they absolutely love the warmth.

Want to know who is the most popular Chihuahua? She’s Tinker Bell, pet of Paris Hilton. Tinker Bell just loves to nestle in Paris Hilton’s handbag. Tinker Bell and Pancho would make such a cute pair!

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