German Shepherd Throws A Fit When She Has To Quit Swimming

In this video you will see Bella, a German Shepherd who is loving her swimming time in the lake. Everything is going dandy until her owner called out her name and instructed her to get out of the water because it was time for them to go home. Upon hearing her owner’s instruction, Bella barked as if saying that she still wanted to continue swimming and does not want to go home yet. She throws a fit and even swam farther away but her owner insisted. Thus, Bella got mad and did get out of the water but with much reluctance. Bella is just so adorable!


1. German Shepherds love to be cuddled but only by their owners – and may be aggressive towards a stranger who just tries to snuggle them, possibly even biting them. They do not like to mingle with strangers. They also have a strong tendency to become very protective of children.

2. German Shepherds really enjoy swimming, however, it is ironic that they are not too fond of taking a bath.

3. This breed loves to explore their surroundings. Their curiosity shows that they are very intelligent, thus they are also easy to train. In fact they are hailed as the third smartest dog breed.

4. German Shepherds rank second in terms of popularity in the United States. First on the list are the Labrador Retrievers.

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