VIDEO: How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

We all want our dog buddies to stay healthy and well groomed. Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes from seeing your dog in top shape. There are a handful of things to check to ensure your dog is happy and healthy. And you can simply start your dog’s regular grooming and maintenance routine with the ears.

The ears of our dogs are fairly sensitive and complex. They can be floppy (such as in Cocker Spaniels or Poodles) or pointy; they can be short or otherwise too. When a significant amount of earwax and debris accumulates along the ear canal, the ears can become an exceptional breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, or parasite, which can often result in some ear irritation and infections.

Infections that can lead to serious problems – even hearing impairment! Typically, ear infections in dogs are painful and irksome and dogs end up frequently shaking their heads or scratching their ears. Other signs of possible infection include an abnormal discharge coming from the ears (which is smelly in most cases), redness and swelling in the ear canal.

Dirty ears translate to painful infection. As simple as that. Unfortunately, our dogs couldn’t care less about getting their ears all cleaned up. It then becomes essential as a responsible pet owner to assess the condition of our dog’s ears and clean them thoroughly. Cleaning your dog’s ears is very easy. However, like all things, precautions need to be exercised. It always pays well to discuss with a veterinarian certain things you aren’t sure of. Additionally, your vet can point out the do’s and don’ts in cleaning.

Dr. Mike Ontiveros of VetVid discusses and shares a few helpful tips and techniques in cleaning your dog’s ears. The video goes step by step from identifying signs of potential infection to applying an ear cleaner correctly.

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