How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

How To Stop Your Dog From Digging
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Imagine how you would feel when your beautiful garden which you have maintained for a very long time turns into a total mess, and holes are found everywhere. You have a digging dog, just following his or her natural instincts – what are you going to do?

Before anything else, we’ll try to discover the factors which lead to the onset of digging behaviors in dogs. Researchers have found that there are various reasons on why some dogs tend to dig. It could be that your dog is seeking attention from you. Well, what can you expect from an isolated, lonely and bored dog? Of course, it would find a way to entertain itself, and your garden makes the best target to obtain entertainment.

It is also possible that this behavior is triggered by a separation anxiety which is very common to dogs which have developed a strong love, affection, and devotion to their owners. On the other hand, some researchers believe that digging has been a part of dog’s survival strategies which can be traced back to its ancestors. Dogs today tend to bury various items such as toys, bones and food. It is claimed that in the past, digging and burying enabled dogs to leave their food behind and return to consume them later. [1]

Maybe it also comes with their breed. Some breeds of dog have the instinct to dig – for example terriers, labradors and of course wolf crosses that will attempt to dig their way out.

Or it could be, that the dog is seeking for some little critters dwelling in your garden – such as gophers or rats. It is also possible that the dog is in search for a place to store its food, or a shelter where it can warm up or cool down itself. [2]

Researchers have found various means to prevent dogs from digging depending on the factors that trigger their impulse and instinct to do so. For instance, if digging is associated with the need for shelter, then maybe it’s time to give them a dog house, or shelter which can provide them a comfortable place to rest, and protection against extreme heat and cold.

There are still lots of other ways to address the digging behaviors of dogs but please never, ever resort to scaring or hurting them. Any disciplinary action, especially those that come with pain, will do no good to dogs. Instead, it can only arouse the aggressive and undesirable behaviors in them. Instead, you can opt to shower them with treats and praises whenever they have done something that pleases you.

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