How To Train Your Dog To Crawl!

There are many tricks that your dogs can learn. One of them is crawling on the ground, which can be quick and easy as long as your dog already knows the “lie down” command. For this tutorial, you need plenty of space for you and your dog to move around. You will also be using lots of treats as a motivator for your dog.

You have to get the attention of your dog. Your pet should look at you intently before starting the tutorial. This helps me be focused while doing the tutorial session.

Once you have your dog’s attention, you can proceed to get your dog to lie down on the ground. This can be accomplished by holding the treat in front of your dog’s nose and slowly dragging it along the ground. Then you’re going to slowly back-up and with the treat encourage your dog to crawl forward.

Repeat the steps of offering your dog a treat and encouraging him to crawl forward. After several repetitions, your dog will definitely get the hang of it. As you do more reiterations, just back up a couple more steps and your dog will crawl farther and farther.

Crawling is a progressive lesson so patience is imperative. Once he has mastered this trick, you can try your dog to crawl for a slightly longer distance. You can always turn the lessons into a fun game for your dog by using positive reinforcement.

Always be sure that you motivate your dog with a treat and reward him if he does a good job. This trick is pretty entertaining and may come in handy in real life situations. If you are into mountaineering or hiking with your dog, this trick can be used by your pet when traversing dangerous terrains or small caves. This is also applicable as a handy skill for hunting dogs.

How To Train Your Dog To Crawl
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