How To Train Your Dog To Weight Pull – 101

Canine weight pull is a competitive sport that your dog can learn. This video offers beginner’s lessons for training your dog to weight pull. Weight pull training should be done when your dog is very young because half the training requires your dog to get used to a harness.

The video recommends using a puppy who is 9 or ten months old for the weight pull training. For the initial stage of the training, two to three repetitions of pulling weight across 50-75 yards are needed. In between reps, it is imperative to give your dog 5-10 minute breaks and to provide him with water to keep him hydrated. However, too much water between sets can upset their stomach.

According to the video, the harness needed for the training should be tailored to your dog’s size. To prevent injury, the harness should not be too small or too large. The most important part of this training is praising your dog.

Weight pull uses three types of weighted vehicles including a wheeled car, a cart on a rail system, and a sled on runners. Wheel and rail pulls are ideal for grass or dirt while sleds are always pulled on snow.The most popular breeds of dogs that compete in weight pull are Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American bulldogs, and American pit bull terriers.

Weight pulling is very simple. All you need are a special harness attached to your dog and a wheeled cart with weights tethered at the other end of the harness. This activity requires your dog to drag the load down a track.

Improved behavior is the number one benefit offered by dog weight pulling which is a form of exercise. Weight pulling can help you address several behavioral issues that your dog can manifest including excessive barking, pacing, shyness, and aggression.

Weight pulling also provides you and your dog the chance to bond together. Your role in this activity is a coach who is mentoring your dog during weight-pulling sessions. You also act as a motivator to your dog as he learns the activity. The sense of camaraderie and trust formed between you and your pet is enormous.

The best aspect of weight pulling is the physical exercise it gives to your dog. Your dog can run, jog, and swim which are also helpful. But weight pulling helps your dog to build a lean, healthy muscle. A dog with healthy muscle equates with a stronger dog.

As stressed in the video, always start with a light load to improve your dog’s conditioning. This will allow you to incorporate progressive overload by adding more resistance over time.

How To Train Your Dog To Weight Pull - 101
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