How To Teach Your Dog To Say Prayers

In this video, celebrity dog trainer Andrea Arden teaches her dog Nora how to say prayers. Before you freak out on the idea of indoctrinating your dog into a religion, please be reminded that this trick just mimics the act of kneeling on a stool and bowing the head.

According to Andrea, teaching this trick involves your dog sitting and placing his front paws on a stool before dropping his head in apparent prayer mode. Again, this activity can be taught by using treats, which encourage your dog to be patient as he perfects the routine.

The treat should be used as reinforcement to teach your dog to put their front paws on a stool while he is sitting in front of you. Your dog must be in a sitting position while mastering this trick.

Once your dog has mastered putting both paws up on a stool, you can withdraw the treat to teach them how to lower his head between his front legs. Be patient when fine tuning this position. If the dog is already confident, you can start adding the cue “say your prayers”. Constant repetition is important to perfect this trick.

After your dog is comfortable doing this trick on a stool, try taking it at different places or bases. Lots of happy talk and treat rewards are needed to teach your dog how to say their prayers. Ensure that the base he uses is rigid and is not wobbling. You need to consider the height of your dog for this trick.

In a nutshell, this trick has four requirements which include the need for the dog to sit down, to lie down, to place chin on a base or ground, and to remain in that position until you mention “Say Your Prayers”.

Praising your dog when they accomplish the task is imperative. One of the common praises used is “Good dog!” which usually proceeds with a jackpot treat! When your dog can confidently do the hang of Say Your Prayers trick, you can now release him by saying “Amen”.

How To Teach Your Dog To Say Prayers
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