How To Teach Your Dog To Catch A Frisbee

One of the cool games that you can teach your dog is Frisbee. Some dogs can easily learn Frisbee while others need to learn how the game works. You can use this video to get your pet into the sport which can be a great source of exercise and fun for you and your pet.

Before doing the actual tutorial, you need to make the disk or Frisbee interesting to your dog or to make a positive association with the disc. This is done in several ways including feeding meals off of the disk, playing tag with a soft disk, and moving the disk around on the floor. Other ways to build interest in the Frisbees is to slide the disk along the floor or to roll the disk on its side on the ground. The latter teaches your dog the proper way to grab a Frisbee.
If your dog does not like the plastic disk, you can start with teaching a positive association to any plastic material such as a plastic bottle. You can also use plastic water jugs to initiate your dog with plastics.

There are also games that you can use to build your dog’s interest in the Frisbee. One is called the “Fire” game which involves two people throwing the disk back at each other with the dog chasing it. One of the persons can pretend that he misses the disk a couple of times so your dog can get it. You can also play Frisbee with another dog while your dog is watching. This will also perk up your dog’s interest in the game.

Runaway Frisbee is another game you can consider to help build your dog’s drive. This is done by tying the Frisbee to a lead or rope and running away from your dog. You can also another person to hold your dog while you run away with the disk on a lead. This will encourage your dog to come get you. This game develops your dog’s chase instincts and his interest in the toy.

Once your dog is really interested in the disk, you can start teaching your dog to catch a Frisbee. The first step is to teach your dog how to get a stationary Frisbee. Hold the disc in front of you and encourage your dog to get the Frisbee. This should be repeated several times until your dog gets the hang out of it. The next step is to teach your dog to get a moving Frisbee. Hold the Frisbee in front of your dog and egg him to get the object while moving it away. The third step is teaching your dog to catch a soaring Frisbee. In this part, hold the disc above your dog and urge your dog to get it as you lower it down within his catching range. Step four teaches your dog to do short catches. Kneel down on the ground then throw the Frisbee a little away from you to drive your dog to chase it. Fifth step requires short distance throws on your part. Grasp the Frisbee on its sides then throw it up into the air.

Turning around is an important movement that you can teach your dog when playing Frisbee. This can be achieved by having your dog come go around your body position and then tossing the disc out in front of him while encouraging them to get it. Please ensure that you throw the disk in their running path. A very important aspect of this tutorial is praising. Even if your dog goes for the Frisbee and fails to catch it, tell him that he did great.

How To Teach Your Dog To Catch A Frisbee
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