How To Trick Your Dog Into Taking A Bath

Dogs have a strong affinity with water but when it comes to bath time, they always feel like it is the end of the world. There is an easy and clever way to lead your dog into the bathtub if he is afraid of bath time. This video features a Bulldog named Porkchop who is not a fan of bath time. To trick the dog into taking a bath, his owner takes an inspiration from the story of Hansel and Gretel that works to perfection.

Some dog would hide or run away when it is time to bathe. To lure Porkchop into the bath tub, his owner lays out a trail of treats to follow that leads to the bath tub. Pork Chop falls into the trap and eats the pieces of candy. When the dog completes the trail of sweets, the owner shuts the bathroom door behind him. It is too late for Porkchop to realize the grave mistake that he has made.

This trick uses positive association to make him think that bathing is a fun and exciting activity. It is a different approach to bathing and a new direction to create positive experiences with your dog. The most important part of this trick is to figure out what sort of treats your dogs are crazy about.

Do not force your dog into going inside the bathroom and getting washed. You have to allow your dog to take the lead on entering and using really high-value treats such as candies.

By doing this trick, you are reinforcing the idea that the bathroom is a fun place to be during bath time. This must be done as many times as reasonably you can until your dog has no qualms with bathing. Patience is important in this activity no matter how your dog is behaving. Offering lots of treats, praising, and petting are also imperative.

Bath time should always be another opportunity for you and your dog to bond. Again, be calm and patient because your dog will eventually be at ease with bathing.

How To Trick Your Dog Into Taking A Bath
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