How To Train Calmness In Dogs

I was extremely afraid of dogs when I was a kid. I was so scared that I can rival a monkey when it comes to climbing on top of an adult I confess, I’ve ripped many T-shirts and scraped skin. I’d be so horrified to see dogs bark and show their super sharp teeth.

I wasn’t as educated about them as I am now, and although I am still a little bit wary of them (especially the aggressive ones), I have learned to stay calm. Don’t get me wrong, I do like friendly dogs but when it comes to scary-looking ones, I just can’t handle them.

Thankfully, I saw this video by Training Positive that will teach you how to train your dogs to be calm and cool. It’s always a great source of pride for owners to have pets that are super well behaved.

Many people are always quick to correct mistakes, but sometimes forget to reinforce their pets’ good behaivors. This is also true for bringing up children. Kids are always told things like, “no don’t do that”, “that’s bad”, “see what you did?” and other forms of verbal reprimands. While this way of discipline makes the child aware of his/her bad behavior, it is “all negative” and will also make him/her develop low self esteem, which leads to greater problems. So it’s always best to create a balance.

I love how this is emphasized in the video. While they may not be as intelligent as humans, dogs can also learn through the process of association. You don’t have to always feed the dog with his favorite treats as a form of reward. You can also use affection and touch. Touch is also a form of communication, so when your dog is calm and relaxed, make him remember it by associating it with something that would make him feel happy and rewarded.

It may be a bit difficult to teach puppies how to be calm because of their energetic nature, so that’s why you need to be more patient. It takes a lot of responsibility to care of your pet, but the rewards are always worth more than your sacrifices.

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