How To Teach Your Dog To Dance

In this video, professional dog trainer Katrina Krings discusses how to teach your dog the trick of dance. This activity requires a clicker to mark when your dog has done something right and several treats to reward their accomplishments. In this session, positive reinforcement is important that involves using treats or praise to encourage your dog to perform.

Katrina uses the method of lure reward to guide the dog up into a dance position. Your dog needs to be his back legs by holding the treat above your dog’s nose. Once your dog balances himself on those back legs, click and reward follow. Repetition is important to reinforce to your dog that he is supposed to be in that position.

The next phase of the tutorial requires your dog to stand up on its hind legs without a treat. You will be giving your dog the empty hand signal by holding your both hands up in the air. If your dog successfully holds both his paws up in the air after you give the empty hand signal, click and reward. Again, repeat the steps to perfect this part of the training.

Once your dog has perfected the previous phase, you can now proceed to teach your dog to bring her front paws straight up in the air as well walk around to make him appear as if he is dancing. In this part of the training, you will also use the empty hand signal but you need to wait until those paws are straight up in the air before you click and reward.

This section of the activity also needs more repetition to strengthen your dog’s back legs. Your dog has to balance and hold this position for longer and longer periods of time.

It takes practice and time to train your dog to dance on her hind legs. This is a flashy trick needed by your dog and offers several benefits including increased hip strength for your dog and lots of bonding time with him.

How To Teach Your Dog To Dance
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