How To Teach Your Dog To Drop It / Give By Playing Tug-Of-War

Playing tug-of-war is a wonderful way for a dog and their owner to bond with each other. This activity can serve as a form of exercise for your dog. It can be done without making your dog aggressive.

There are several things to consider when playing tug-of-war, which strengthens your dog’s self-control. This game also teaches your dog how to listen to you when he is excited.

The most effective way to have a smooth tug-of-war playing session with your dog is to teach him the ‘take it and drop it’ game. By turning the whole process into a game of trade, your dog will feel good about giving up any object.

You need to have a good tug toy, which can be something soft and comfortable to hold such as a soft rope or tug toys with handles. Once you find the suitable tug toy, you need to consider several basic tug rules.

• Your dog can only grab the tug toy if you permit him to do so.
• You need to use the “drop it cue” to order your dog to let go of the toy
• Your dog can only put his mouth on the tug toy and not on human skin or clothing while playing tug

Now that the tug toy is chosen, here are the steps required when playing tug of war with your dog. The tug of war game should be controlled by you. Stop the game immediately if your dog attempts to make contact with your skin. Use the verbal cue “take it” to present the tug toy. Your dog will have increased interest or chase if you will move the tug toy back and forth. Once the tug is in the dog’s mouth, engage him in a gentle game of tug. Then reward his interest in the tug verbally. Use the verbal cue “Drop it” with a treat placed directly your dog’s nose. Give your dog the reward for dropping the toy. Your dog’s arousal can be controlled by employing the cue “sit” or “down”. You can then reward your dog with “take it” and presentation of the tug toy.

Tug of war between your dog and kids is not recommended to prevent an untoward incident. Increased excitement on the dog’s part might make it difficult for kids to control the game. As stated earlier, the tug of war game should be ended by you.

How To Teach Your Dog To Drop It Give By Playing Tug-Of-War
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