How To Teach Your Dog “Cover Your Eyes” Trick

This video by Training Positive is a very well-presented step by step process on teaching a dog to cover its eyes. Take note though that this is not an overnight command that your dog can learn. This takes time and for some dogs, it might require weeks before finally performing the trick correctly. The trick is broken up in very simple yet effective parts. The process makes it easier for your dog and lets it gradually improve.

Scotch tape -yes, that’s right – is the key towards performing this trick. Never use any other kind of tape because it might have very strong adhesive. It might negatively affect your dog and make it harder for you to train it as well. Scotch tape works best. You need to place it on top of your dog’s nose. Take note though that your training sessions for this will be shorter because you don’t want to get your dog annoyed. When you start out, it’s important that your dog is lying down so that it’s only option is to remove the tape is its two front paws. Use a clicker and click it as soon as your dog starts to move its paws and try to remove the tape. Click for any type of paw movement. Make sure you take the tape off after each click. Be prepared with your reward. When you see a huge improvement in your dog’s action, reward it more to make it feel that it hit the jackpot and give more than the usual rewards. As soon as you feel satisfied that your dog has got acquainted with the trick, you can add the word/s for the command.

The next step is to generalize the position. Your dog started with a lying down position but now you can teach it while in a sitting position. Like with the initial step, as soon you see paw movement, click and then praise your dog right away.

The last step is to perform without the tape. Your action should still make the dog feel that you’re still putting a tape on its nose. This part of the training should only be performed when your dog actually appears to have mastered the previous steps. As your dog improves, you can finally fade out the hand signals.

It must be reiterated that your dog might get irritated when you perform this trick during the early stages. The tape might annoy your dog that’s why you need to train in short sessions. Nevertheless, give it some time and your dog can learn the process and provide you with the results that you desire. Never get frustrated and instead be more motivated to train your dog positively. This ‘cover your eyes’ trick is one of the best and cutest tricks out there. It would be a great addition to your dog’s capabilities for sure!

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