How To Train A Guard Dog

Most animal experts recommend using professional dog trainers to train your pets to be guard dogs. This will help your dog distinguish between who is his friend and who is a stranger. The video features an interview with professional dog trainer Joe Rosen who discusses guard dog training.

When asked about the specific breeds suited for being a guard dog, Rosen suggests training German shepherd, Doberman, Giant Schnauzer, and Rottweiler. These breeds are better than the Irish Setter and Husky, says Rosen. According to the website I Heart Dogs, other dogs that take guarding seriously include Bullmastiffs, Anatolian Shepherds, and Beaucerons.

Rosen explains the difference between a guard dog and a personal protector guard. He suggests using guard dogs more for a place of business, placing them behind the fence, or assigning them beside a car locked where nobody’s giving a command. For Rosen, personal protector guard dogs are more suited in the city as companions. He describes the latter as a pet that will react to command or provocation and not just out of the blue.

He believes that guard dogs are more effective than an alarm because intruders can bypass an alarm by cutting its wires. However, with guard dogs, intruders need to shoot them who will bark and will show aggression. He adds that an alarm cannot act as a weapon, unlike guard dogs.

According to Rosen, a dog needs to have a lot of control and must be obedient to be trained as a guard dog. Training guard dogs involve a lot of testing a lot of situations in which various scenarios are created where there is a bad guy or intruder. The most important part of training a guard dog is to increase their confidence based on his reactions using his survival instincts when tackling an agitator.

Just like in other dog training, rewarding and giving lots of praise are imperative. Rosen adds the value of attention and love when training a guard dog. Rosen summarizes what an ideal guard dog must have including tough survival instinct that won’t back down, braveness that is not afraid, and attentiveness that is not overly friendly.

How To Train A Guard Dog
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