How To Train A Dog To Walk On Stairs

There are several reasons why your dog is anxious to use the stairs. Perhaps past experiences such as falling down or being pushed down steps led your dog to associate steps with something frightening or hurtful. Maybe your dog never encountered steps before.

This step-phobia can be addressed through the use of positive reinforcement and counter-conditioning. In the video, the owner uses food to keep the attention of his puppy as he walks down the stairs. According to the video, your dog needs to learn how to walk on the stairs one step at a time. So this activity entails a lot of patience on your part.

The dog owner guides his puppy as he walks up and the stairs. This should be done with the dog on a leash to prevent him from tripping over. When walking down the stairs, you could walk backward and keep your dog blocked so he could not just zip on by you.

To keep your dog’s attention, you need to use food. You need to train your dog on how to pay attention to imparting your instructions easily.

By helping your dog conquer his fear of stairs, you are helping your canine companion become mentally healthy. Less fearful dogs equate with less behavioral problems and more confidence on their part.

It is important not to force your dog to go up and down the stairs. Giving treats and praising your dog are also imperative as your dog manages to traverse the steps.

This activity requires a lot of patience. Teach your dog to take one step at a time. Again, positive reinforcement is very helpful in this activity. Sooner than you think, your dog will be comfortable enough with the stairs to navigate.

The training session should start at the bottom step. Guide your dog as he overcomes his stair phobia. You can also establish play near or on the stairs. If you are training a puppy, a leash to your dog’s collar is needed. For more mature dogs, a leash is optional.

How To Train A Dog To Walk On Stairs
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