How To Stop Your Dogs Fighting With Each Other

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To witness your dogs fighting with each other can be both shocking and frightening. The worst thing is, they are actually capable of creating serious injuries to each other, most especially when owners failed to correct their fighting and aggressive behaviors at the early stage. Though often resulting in no real harm, seeing their tempers flare right before your eyes can really be an upsetting experience.

But why are dogs actually fighting with each other? There are lots of reasons on why dogs attack one another. More often than not, dogs are fighting over territory, food, and toys. But it can also be that the dogs are fighting over the attention of their owner.

Dog fighting is often found in households with multiple dogs. At times, two dogs in a household can live harmoniously and can be even the best of friends. However, when a new dog is introduced, conflict may begin to rise between them. In some cases, this behavior comes as a form of redirected aggression. When a dog perceives threat, it will try to direct his aggressive behavior to the other dog because he cannot do it the dog which he considers as a threat. [1]

This upsetting scenario occurs in households which have two or more dogs of the same sex. This usually happens in dogs which were not neutered or spayed. Whether influenced by their breed or inadequate training, poorly socialized dogs are more likely to start a fight.

As an owner, you must be able to exert a positive authority and control over your dogs such that when they are called, they come to you swiftly. This way, you are able to act as a “referee” when playing seems to be getting out of control which may possibly result in a fight.

Preventing dog fights may also be possible with adequate training. It helps to teach and reward them for calm and desirable behaviors they have shown. You can employ trainings that would help them control their impulses, thereby preventing the start of arguments which may possibly end with fighting. [2]

In breaking up a dog fight, there are a number of tips which you need to consider to prevent injuries to all parties involved. First, avoid panic. This way, you are able to separate them calmly, easily, and efficiently. Second, avoid grabbing one dog by its collar. Doing so may increase your susceptibility to getting bitten by the other one. Try to interrupt or startle them by creating a very loud, sudden noise such as yelling, clapping or stomping your feet. This can often cause them to pause for enough of a moment to pull them apart. The moment they stop fighting, try to separate them immediately to prevent the start of a second bout.

Dogs that are fighting at home most of the time, can lead to danger to all parties involved and even to owners. Learn more about this natural yet inevitable scenario by visiting this website

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