How To Train Your Dog To Lay At Your Feet At A Cafe

Today more and more food establishments are allowing diners to bring their dogs. These dog-friendly restaurants, cafes, and eating places are very welcoming to your pets. You can go to these places to enjoy a nice meal or have a talk with your friends over a cup of coffee. Before you bring your dogs to these places, it is important to train them how to behave at these establishments. In this video, you can teach your dog to lay down at your feet whenever you have him on a leash and is ignoring him.

For this training, you need a leash and some treats. Your dog has to learn how to settle calmly on the floor the moment he takes the leash and sits down. The goals of this training are to help your dog gets adopted to the place and to be calm with all types of handlers.

Put your dog on a leash and place him in a location where he can stay in the down position. Reward your dog with treats if he stays in the down position. You can also interact with him, pet him, or have a conversation with him. If your dog attempts to stand up, cue him to lie down again. Repetition is important for this training so your dog can master this behavior before you bring him to restaurants.

There is another way to teach your dog to stay in the down position. It is almost the same as above but the only difference is the need to ignore your dog if he should stand up completely. To inculcate the behavior, you have to be oblivious to your dog. When he lies down after standing up, reward your dog. Repeat this over and over again to build your dog’s ability to settle longer and longer.

You need to practice this behavior in a quiet place at home. From this, you can proceed to train your dog in busier places. Patience is important in this training. The emotional well-being of your dog should be considered in this training. Make sure your dog has a space where he can move comfortably. It’s like running a marathon; you have to start off one mile at a time.

How To Train Your Dog To Lay At Your Feet At A Cafe
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