VIDEO: The Amazing Jumping Dog

Meet Jumpy, the incredible jumping dog. He is probably even better than most of us at doing back flips and riding skateboards (well, I can’t do either of them). Yes, he can do those and even more. You will be astonished at how high his jump can be and he understands quite a number of tricks and instructions too! He will be very good at entertaining you and he appears to be enjoying the attention as well.

Have you tried training your dog? Did you succeed in teaching your dog some tricks or did you already give up hope because they are just too stubborn and don’t pay attention?

According to, the canine IQ test revealed that even the average dog has the mental abilities of a 2-year-old child. The results say that average dogs can learn 165 words like our 2-year-old toddlers – and this includes the signals and gestures. Dogs who belong in the top 20 percent in intelligence can learn up to 250 words! They even have better simple arithmetic and social skills than a 3- or 4-year-old kid. The study further revealed that like human toddlers, our best friends also show some basic emotions, such as happiness, anger and disgust but states that they do not feel more complex emotions such as guilt and shame (I don’t think I agree with this, have you ever seen the “guilty dog face”?)

Still, some dogs are more intelligent than others. National Geographic Magazine featured a Border Collie named Betsy in 2008. Betsy knew over 340 words and was able to connect an object with a photographic image of that same object, despite having seen neither before. The dogs who made it to the top 7 (in the order of their IQ) are border collies, Poodles, German shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Dobermans, shetland sheepdogs, and Labrador Retrievers. We must simply be more patient with some breeds than with others.

Training our furry friends demands a great deal of patience and passion, regardless of the level of intelligence they possess. Jumpy is an outstanding example of a successfully trained dog.

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