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Originating from the plains of Northern France, the Beauceron is a respected guard and herding dog used to combat predators particularly wolves. This versatile breed served in the world wars as a messenger, supply transporter, land mine detector and also participated in search and rescue. [1]

The Beauceron is purely French and the breed dates back to the late 16th century in La Beauce, Paris where it was used in protecting cattle and sheep. In 1863, the breed was separated into two working types: the guard dogs and flock herders. The dogs’ reputation and popularity quickly spread to other regions – they were even used by the French army during the world wars. In the 1960s, steps were taken to preserve the qualities of the native breed and thanks to those efforts, the Beaucerons today look just like how they did centuries ago. In 1980, the Beauceron Club of America was established and the breed finally gained recognition from the American Kennel Club in 2001. [2]

The sturdy physique of the powerful Beauceron enables it to work for long hours. One of its distinct physical features is the double declaws on the hind legs – this trait is important in order for them to enter dog shows. This is also a trait commonly seen in French herding and flock dogs. The movement of the Beauceron is swift and quick; its gait is light and easy and the coat is waterproof. [1]

The brave, intelligent and obedient Beauceron is always eager to please its family. These dogs excel in obedience training and are very quick to understand and respond to commands. They are popular for being loyal, patient, fearless and watchful that is why most of them are recruited to do police and military work. This breed grows quickly reaching 40 pounds at only about 3 months of age. If given enough socialization, the Beauceron gets along well with children and other pets. [3]

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