Guilty Corgi Dog (Still Cute Though!)

This video features Lexi, a cute Corgi who has dug up the grass on her owner’s lawn. She is clearly feeling guilty about it but she still looks super cute though.

This adorable dog was playing with another dog when the person holding the camera calls out to her and asked if she was the one which dug up the yard. Lexi, the Corgi dog, stops and looks at the owner and then lies on her back. She did a funny pose to win her owner’s heart hoping for forgiveness. Awe!

Viewers clearly loved this video because it has already gained over a million views as of present time.

Here are some amazing fast facts about Corgis:

1. Corgis were originally used as cattle herding dogs in old times. Due to their low stance they could nip the ankles of the cattle and dodge out of the way of retaliatory kicks.

2. The British Royal Family loves corgis. Queen Elizabeth II has had over 30 corgis in her lifetime. As of the present time, she has two corgis named Holly and Willow.

3. Corgi means dwarf dog in Welsh. Cor means dwarf, and gi means dog, according to the Oxford Dictionary.

4. Fairies ride Corgis, according to a Welsh legend. It is believed that it is an enchanted dog which is greatly favored by elves. These magical creatures are said to use corgis to pull their carriages and be their steeds during battles.

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