Top 6 Summertime Hazards For Dogs

Top 6 Summertime Hazards for Dogs - WP
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We have 4 different seasons in a year, and with every change in temperature, there are quite a few potential health hazards. During the winter, we worry about things like hypothermia and dry skin. In the spring, allergies start to act up, and when it comes to summer, we can have heat strokes.

These ailments that are brought about by weather changes can really challenge the body’s system, and it doesn’t just affect us humans, it can also affect our pets. I read this article from our friends at Dogster, and it shows us how to take care of our pets during the summer season. The link is at the end.

I like how they expressed the importance of taking care of the dog’s paws during the summer. I just can’t imagine myself walking on a street on a VERY hot summer day without any shoes on. It’s really going to burn my feet! So remember that it is the same for dogs – and if you want to give your pet some exercise on hot days, try walking him during the early mornings or late afternoons.

We all know that we lose a lot of water during the summer. That’s why our doctors always tell us to drink more water. If you don’t want your dog to get dehydrated, always make sure that you give him lots of cool water. If you notice that he is drinking less, try to find the cause of the problem. If you feel that it’s serious, have your dog checked.

Ticks are such a big problem during the summer (it’s also the same for lice). Sometimes, if you are too close to an infected pet, the tick will just transfer to your own head and it will cause another problem. Try using a lice shampoo. You also need to buy a tick shampoo for your pet. Vacuum the carpets, air out your mattresses, and wash out your sheets. You want to make sure that the infestation is contained and destroyed.

And then of course, there is the hot car. Any parent would not want to leave their small kids inside a car unnattended. It’s the same thing with dogs. Unless it’s a really quick stopover, it’s best to either leave your pet at home (or with a sitter) or bring him with you wherever you go.

Take good care of your pet no matter what the season is!

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